Initiator and Trusted Advisor

The buffalo and oxpecker are the most beautiful team that exist. The combination of strength and perseverance of the buffalo and the overview and flexibility of the oxpecker form an extremely strong duo. Their symbiotic relationship symbolises the roles you and I, as the entrepreneur and the company, interpret. On one side, we are the steady buffalo, giving direction and keeping the team together. Symbiotically, I'm the investigative oxpecker with overview, vision and guidance. Above all, I'm always the coaching, human driven stimulator of growth and progress. Working together with you, the entrepreneur, in a longstanding relationship, with a “pragmatic what you see is what you get approach” as a proven alternative for the often used corporate methods.
HARMN, Harm Nijlunsing, Initiator and Trusted Advisor

What you can expect from me

I work with you as entrepreneurs and boards of companies in a development phase. Helping you to find the best solutions to grow your results and company value. As a trusted advisor in the role of counselor, interim manager and/or non-executive Board Member I support you with strategy-, governance-, organisational- and business process changes, M&A support and scale up and growth development issues.

How I support you

My method always starts with three questions: do you have a plan (known by everyone), do you have a team (with the right knowledge, experience and attitude) and is the team working on the plan? All assignments are carried out with THE CAT METHOD, consisting of the continuous loop of the CORE (the why of the company, vision, mission, culture, DNA), the APPROACH (the how, non-negotiables “this is how we work”, strategic goals, structure, processes) and the TANGIBLES (the what, products, services, closed loop learning via reports and evaluations). The CAT method is a continuous process which guarantees growth of your results and company value.

My services

My services can be used separately or in sequence: defining the exact issue, organising the analysis of the issue, finding solutions and preparing the organisation for the consequences, managing on interim board basis the change of the organisation, coaching you, the entrepreneur in case the organisation will initiate the “turn around” by themselves, long term non-executive support (RvA or RvC) in an on-tier-like board set up, initiator/starter developing with you new ideas and products and entrepreneurial role in your family office.

HARMN, Harm Nijlunsing, people driven growth.